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Pineapple love

Today, I truly  fell in love with the pineapple motif <3. It’s one of the classics of crochet, and for a long time, I’ve been wanting to try it. Now I did! It’s a wonderfully repetitive, logical pattern that really shows your progress well as you go on. This was not the last pineapple shawl… Continue reading Pineapple love

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Cat in the hat pencil toppers – free crochet pattern

‘Cat in the hat’ pencil toppers, easy and quick to make! Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is coming up on March 2nd! I really enjoy his books, and so do my children. We just moved to the United States last year and are still adapting to all the things people do here…so my children brought all those… Continue reading Cat in the hat pencil toppers – free crochet pattern

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What if… (random crochet thoughts)

…one – two – three — one – two – three — one – two – three — one – two – three… This is my  (I admit, fairly simple) mantra when I’m working single crochet stitches. Sometimes it’s easy to get into ‘the zone’, which to me means…no thinking, no wondering, no considering…no nothing… Continue reading What if… (random crochet thoughts)

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Try something new! Broomstick lace

There are many different ways to needle lace: lace knitting, lace crocheting/Irish lace, tatting, hairpin lace…I have tried all of those, but never the mysterious sounding broomstick thingy. Since Superbowl Sunday wasn’t all that exciting, I decided to give it a try, and I was planning on making something for myself, anyway. The pattern of… Continue reading Try something new! Broomstick lace