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Pineapple love


Today, I truly  fell in love with the pineapple motif <3. It’s one of the classics of crochet, and for a long time, I’ve been wanting to try it. Now I did! It’s a wonderfully repetitive, logical pattern that really shows your progress well as you go on. This was not the last pineapple shawl I made! Actually, it just needs a border on the side that has no tassels and it’s done. Wohoh!

And yesterday, I proudly bagged up 47 cat in the hat pencil toppers and three cat in the hat bookmarks (for the teachers) – that was quite a crochet marathon! The office ladies in both schools (since we forgot to pack the hats in the kid’s bookbags, I had to bring them there myself, hehehe) complimented my work…a lot… One of them even started to tell me all about craft shows  in the area and that I should go there and sell those. Well, I must say…for now, I’ve had enough hat-crocheting 😀 But there are some ideas lingering around in my head, that have to do with the same pattern. So, I’ll probably get back to that some time. Anyway, here is a picture of the whole bunch:

My son’s have little tails, my daughter didn’t want tails…let’s remain silent about that fact 😉

Happy needeling!

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