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What if… (random crochet thoughts)

…one – two – three — one – two – three — one – two – three — one – two – three…

This is my  (I admit, fairly simple) mantra when I’m working single crochet stitches. Sometimes it’s easy to get into ‘the zone’, which to me means…no thinking, no wondering, no considering…no nothing on your mind. Just silence and peace. This must be the part that makes crafting and being creative so ‘good for your mental health’ – it’s so peaceful and free : )

Hitting the ‘zone’ is difficult sometimes, and especially in the case I’d like to write about today. Lately…I’ve been making loooots of single crochet stitches.

I am currently working on 50 (in words: fifty! fünfzig!) cat in the hat hats that are going to my kid’s classes on Wednesday. Pencil toppers. That I for some weird reason promised them to make. One for every singe child in their class AND for their teachers.



Does that justify the fact that my mind keeps drifting off to places full of questions and wonder, to ponder and speculation? To me, it does… And here is what has been going on and off in my mind…for example:

What if…

…I had known that Valentine’s Day means…everyone brings candy to school for each child in the class…maybe I wouldn’t have felt like making those hats?! (8 hats done)

…I just get four more done tonight? Maybe I’ll have time to work on my other project? (11 hats done)

…I only would have had the idea earlier…grml…I would have so much more time than only those six days! (12 hats done)

…it snows a LOT on Wednesday…snow day means no school means one more day to get all those things done! (17 hats done)

…only Dr. Seuss had been born on…uhh…March 12th or something?! Now that would be helpful! (20 hats done)

…Dr. Seuss had made the hat only three stripes tall instead of five?! That would save me a lot of work… (23 hats done)

…I had twins? Chances are good they would be in the same class! So I’d only have like 25 hats to make! (25 hats done)

…I had some little helpers to magically weave in all those teeeerrible little yarn ends over night?! Actually, I wish for that for all my projects… (30 hats done)

…I tried to teach the kids how to crochet?! They can make those stinking hats themselves! (35 hats done)

…I could have – for once – NOT said out loud what I was thinking, when I was thinking ‘I could make those for your class for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday next week!’. (repetitive)

…I just wait for Easter, buy something at the store like everyone with a normal mind does? (repetitive)

…I run out of white yarn before I’m done?! Oh my God, please, not! (repetitive)


I’m currently working on hat number 36 and feeling confident. Yes, I can do it! And yes, I  do still enjoy my needeling – don’t take me so serious today. It was a long day of single crochets…and watching ballet class ; )

Do you ever have projects and/or thoughts like that?

And before I forget, here is the pattern – the very first one I’m putting on the internet – what a big step!

Happy needeling!




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