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Cat in the hat pencil toppers – free crochet pattern

‘Cat in the hat’ pencil toppers, easy and quick to make!


Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is coming up on March 2nd! I really enjoy his books, and so do my children.

We just moved to the United States last year and are still adapting to all the things people do here…so my children brought all those Valentine’s Day presents home the other Friday…one from each child in their class, I guess. How sweet! Only that I (we) had no idea that this is what people do here, hehehe. I felt and still feel a little bad about that.

But! I do like the cat in the hat books way more than Valentine’s Day, and here is what I came up with. Your feedback will be very much appreciated : )

Tools and materials:

  • No. 5 crochet thread in red and white, sock yarn should work as well
  • crochet hook size 2mm/B
  • tapestry needle to weave in ends
  • a pair of scissors
  • perhaps some fiber fill to stuff the top of the hat


  1. Do not cut or bind of your yarn for each stripe, I just drop the previous color, leave it hang there and pick it back up two rows later. You don’t want to deal with weaving in ends on a tiny project like this (or do you?) ; )
  2. Tie the yarn ends from the beginning (red from magic ring and white from first stripe) after row 5 by making two simple knots with them. Then hide them in the top of the hat or cut.

The pattern

ch – chain; hdc – half double crochet; sc – single crochet; sl st – slip stitch; st – stitch

Start with red

1: Magic ring – 2 ch, 12 hdc, close with sl st in first hdc made, close ring

2: ch 1, sc in back loop of each st around, join with sl st in first sc made (12)

3: ch 1, sc around, join with sl st in first sc (12)

Now switch to white yarn, drop but do not bind off/cut red yarn!

4: insert hook in first sc of last round, pull loop with new color through that st and loop on the hook, ch 1, then sc around and join with sl st (12)

5: ch 1, sc around, join with sl st (12)

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until you have three red stripes, end with sl st (red) in first sc of round and bind off color, weave in end

6: pull loop of white yarn through st next to last red st, then ch 3 and dc in front loop of the same st; put 2 dc in every st (front loop) around (24)

Tadaa! And done is your little hat : )

You can put a tiny bit of fiberfill in the top of the hat, about the size of a pea. Try it and decide what you like best : )



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