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A taste of spring

The snow is gone! And so are my son’s front teeth! Both within a few days…woohoh! And I think that spring-like weather of the last days has sparked something inside of me…I feel like me again, motivated, inspired and I’m productive! Guess that’s a good thing. It feels very good, anyway, hehe.

I’m kind of done with the text part of my crochet patterns that I’m working on. So tomorrow, I have to go on a big hunt in the house to finally find the charger for my camera. I know for sure that I brought it to America, but where exactly did it end up? Oof…

Then the next step is taking photos for the pattern-thing, which I actually like! I’m hoping for a nice bright day and then the adventure can continue : ) I have some test crocheters already, and another little idea, that has been lurking around in my head for a while. But ssshhh, secret for now…

Until very soon!



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