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and I knit….and knit…and knit

It’s still cold enough for huge icicles – here comes another picture since they have grown since last time:IMG_1339


On the other side of the icicle window, needle obsession has taken over again. Especially since I started these socks, I can barely concentrate on anything but thinking about them, hehehe. But of course, working on tiny needles only, is not very pleasing. So I just had to start something else, on bigger needles, and it’s a no-brainer (meaning, I can knit along without looking and/or thinking…which is great!). Now I can go back and forth between the two…just trying to not think about all the other stuff I want to finish soon..aaah!

In the small pictures, you can see how I finished both legs and later tonight, I got one heel, heelflap and gusset decreases done, the other one has it’s heel flap finished. Wohoh! Going pretty dang well so far 🙂 I really like the pattern – not too much, not too few information – perfect!

The unconventional (pink) project will remain secret for now…but I’m having big plans, muhahahaha! And just so you know, I did find some time for other things today, like….cooking and baking dinner rolls with the help of Hermann I – to whom I should dedicate some blog posts, too in the next weeks. He definitely earned it!

Until soon, happy needeling!

Mrs. Kraut

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