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Sock knitting strategies and muscle memory – Männersocken stricken mit neuer Strategie

It’s coooold in Ohio…and oh so snowy – brr! Look at those icicles, growing on the front of our house! At least they are making my son very happy 😀


After reading some inspiring sock knitter’s blogs, I decided to make a pair of socks for my man. You can always use a warm pair of socks when it’s cold and snowy, right? I found some sock yarn  in pretty manly colors in my stash, that I brought all the way from Germany. So this was a quick decision. The pattern of choice is this one and I’m quite proud of myself for NOT looking around forever to find a pattern this time. It’s very easy to get carried away, and not only once I ended up not starting anything that day or night, because instead of needeling, I just spent hours and hours on the internet, marveling over knitted stuff, hehe.

Three things I want to check out with this winter pair of socks:

  1. using the two pretty bowls I purchased a while ago as yarn bowls
  2. knitting both socks parallel, hoping to finish them BOTH identically and SOON
  3. using one ball of yarn in the original, bought shape, and one that I rewound on my yarnwinder – to see what I prefer working with

About No.2 I would like to add that I’ve started quite some pairs of socks in the past years, and only ever finished one when I went fast. I mean, within less than one week it had to be done, otherwise…oh well… It would usually be the part after the heel, that bored me like crazy. Not so bad when the first sock isn’t even done – I don’t mind taking things apart. It’s bad when one sock is done, the second one started…ooof…

So, see I’m writing in the past tense? I am hoping to put this terrible habit of sock knitting neglect behind me with the new strategies : )

IMG_1294Alright, here I’m ready to start, I casted on 64st because my gauge came out to 6st per inch.

Through the first rows, I felt like I hadn’t been knitting socks for a loooong time.

As a matter of fact, though, the last (finished!) pair was made in November last year – not so long ago, huh? And I even took a picture : )IMG_0803

I used a pattern by Nancy Bush, but had to narrow down the number of stitches. And I added a crochet border.

But back to the new project: Man socks! Oof, my hands and fingers felt so stiff and awkward with those small needles (using 2.5mm), but after the first ten rounds in ribbing, it got much better! I love muscle memory! Luckily, I have two sets of the right size double pointed needles, so no messing around with stitch holders or scrap yarn to move stitches back and forth, woohooh! See, here I have both ribbings done. Remember – both socks parallel, which means ribbing 1/ ribbing2, then leg1/leg2, followed by heel1/heel2 and so on… Aren’t those bowls just beautiful?! Aww…


And while the two munchkins were watching ‘Frozen’ tonight, I managed to  finish one leg! Now I just have to finish the second leg and I might share another photo : )

Happy needeling!

Mrs. Kraut





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