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Accomplishments of 2016

This is an ongoing post, listing the things I’ve finished in 2016. I usually feel bad for working on SO many different pojects, oh man. But I do finish things, too. Maybe keeping the list updated will make me feel a little better about my obsessive compulsive needeling 😛 Diesen Blogpost möchte ich fortlaufend aktualisieren.… Continue reading Accomplishments of 2016

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and I knit….and knit…and knit

It’s still cold enough for huge icicles – here comes another picture since they have grown since last time:   On the other side of the icicle window, needle obsession has taken over again. Especially since I started these socks, I can barely concentrate on anything but thinking about them, hehehe. But of course, working… Continue reading and I knit….and knit…and knit

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Sock knitting strategies and muscle memory – Männersocken stricken mit neuer Strategie

It’s coooold in Ohio…and oh so snowy – brr! Look at those icicles, growing on the front of our house! At least they are making my son very happy 😀 After reading some inspiring sock knitter’s blogs, I decided to make a pair of socks for my man. You can always use a warm pair… Continue reading Sock knitting strategies and muscle memory – Männersocken stricken mit neuer Strategie

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Try something new! Broomstick lace

There are many different ways to needle lace: lace knitting, lace crocheting/Irish lace, tatting, hairpin lace…I have tried all of those, but never the mysterious sounding broomstick thingy. Since Superbowl Sunday wasn’t all that exciting, I decided to give it a try, and I was planning on making something for myself, anyway. The pattern of… Continue reading Try something new! Broomstick lace